Wednesday, June 3, 2015

June Goals + A Possible Poo

I can not believe it’s June already! Where did the year go? I feel like it was just yesterday that I was setting my May goals! With June being here and summer weather upon us, my goal this month is to, stay focused on my health goals and get out of the house more!

I am such a homebody by nature. I love being in my home hanging out with the people I love, cooking, and watching movies. If I didn't have work and my son didn't have school I could easily go days without living my house. I really need to change that. Not to mention the fact, God isn't going to bring my husband to my front door step.

I am setting a goal of getting out a total of eight times over the next four weeks, about twice a week. Once, during the time that my son is with his father, doing something for myself. I want this to be something active to help with my health/weight loss goals. I am going to take some sort of fitness class, I’m thinking Bikrahm Yoga.  I also want to get out a second time doing something fun with my son.  I'm excited about this goal, and I am sure I will be keeping you all updated here on the blog or over on SnapChat (SaprinaD) !

And now for a possible Poo…

May was a really boring month for me as far as favorites, I didn’t really buy any new beauty products that I loved. I did however pick up a few products that I did not love, so I thought I’d change things up a bit this month by sharing the thing I did not love!

Bare Essentials Prime Time Foundation Primer
A few years back I swore by this product, it was a part of my holy grail, I could not give face without it! However, I have been experimenting with new primers and  it’s been  a year or more since I last purchased the Bare Essectials one. I gave it another try recently. Now,  I will say that I prefer a primer that is a thick, gel like consistency. I am not sure if the manufacturer has changed the formula but it’s now thin and runny! I’m moving this product to my poo list!

Lately I have not been inspired to try any new beauty products. I’d love some inspiration...tell what your loving in beauty products these days.

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