Wednesday, May 27, 2015

What I Ate Wednesday + Week 2 Weigh In

“The journey of 1,000 miles begins with one step”- Lao Tzu

Week two of project "get healthy and lose some weight along the way" (I just made that up) was surprisingly much easier than I anticipated. In the past around week two is where m y momentum pretty much dissipated, I’m that girl that can pretty much do anything for a week but longer than that becomes a struggle. But because I have taken my focus off weight loss and placed it on health, I am finding it much easier to stay on track. Ok, now for what I know you're really here for; What I ate Wednesday!


My day always starts with coffee! Three chicken sausage, two egg whites, one whole egg and a tangerine.

Daily Starbucks run

If you follow me on snapchat you seen that Wednesday was a terrible, no good very bad morning. Nothing was going my way, it was just one of those morning where want to throw a tantrum and go back home, however when you're 30 and you throw a tantrum it really doesn't get you too far. So rather than behave like a three year old I threw all caution to the wind and got a S'mores frappuccino! Oh’ my stars the marshmallow whip is amazing! Maybe it was the sugar high, but totally turned my morning around. 

Mid morning Snack

I had one cup of edamame!


I’m only in the office five hours a day, I tend to have a lot of things to get done in a short amount of time so it’s not uncommon that I get busy at work and don’t have time for a lunch. This was one of those days, so I had more edamame and pushed through the afternoon. 


For dinner I we had Trader Joe’s chicken fried rice, fried in coconut oil. This stuff is so good and one cup is only 5 points! I also steamed some green beans on the side!

 Evening Snack

After dinner I had some dried seaweed.

My last weeks goal was to cut sugary drinks out. With the exception of my frappuccino binge I was successful. I pretty much drank fruit infused water all week (with the exception of my daily coffee). I have noticed that since I have really made an effort to cut back on my sugar intake my overall appetite has dramatically decreased and I am noticing that I find myself not as hungry and I’m definitely not having as many sugar cravings.

This upcoming week I will build on last weeks goal of cutting sugary drinks and I am going to add meal prepping my lunch for the week. Because my work day gets hectic, unless I pack a healthy lunch I either skip lunch entirely or I have something quick from the vending machine. I want to set myself up for success by bringing a healthy option to eat.

Wednesday is my official weigh in day and this week lost two more pounds! My total two week weight loss is five pounds! I know it’s not much but this girl will take her victories where she can get ‘em!

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