Monday, August 3, 2015

Life Update & August Goals

If you stopped by anytime during the last two weeks you may have noticed that I have been a little MIA. Things have been seriously hectic lately, and if I can be completely transparent with you all, I was feeling a little weighed down in my spirit.

Lately, I had been feeling a lot more like Martha than Mary. Now for those of you who don't know the story of Mary and Martha....I imagine Martha was a real go-getter, a type A, no non-sense, get things done kind of woman. One day Jesus and his disciples came to her home. When they arrived Martha was so busy preparing a meal for them and trying to be a good hostess that she lost sight of the fact that she was in the presence of Jesus, she missed the opportunity to simply sit at the feet of the savior and enjoy being in his company.  She got upset with her sister because while Martha was busy in the kitchen her sister Mary sat in the company of Jesus. Martha's heart was in the right place...sorta

The thing is, the Lord isn’t satisfied with “at least” and “sort of.” And He didn’t come to Martha’s house to eat (He is the son of God after all and, as evidenced by an incident with some loaves and fishes, He knows how to get some food if He wants some).

Jesus came to give the one thing that both Mary and Martha needed. (Luke 10:42, NIV)


Lately I had been feeling a lot like Martha, so busy with everything around me that I hadn't been taking time out to spend with my Father. A lot of the heart behind What Saprina Says is to share the love of Christ, inspire, uplift and motivate other woman and that is hard to do that when your heart is heavy. So I had to step away, take a little time to refocus my mind and my heart. And now I am back!

This month I will

Organize the Christmas decor
Write two letters
Find a new internet service provider
Meal prep lunches
Make Nic a dentist appointment
Call my grandmother more
Be intentional on how I spend my time

Instincts by T.D. Jakes (I've been working on this book a long time)

Proverbs 51 along with Nic

Content with now- content with how many things are not getting done, and not be discontent with the state of now... how the floor needs to be swept, or the clothes need to be put away, or the amount of work I have to do... it all fades in the light of who Jesus is, and how short my life is. Worrying about today is not where my heart should be. I want to live in and enjoy today, because tomorrow it will be gone.

What are your goals going into August?


  1. Great goals for the month. I love that you want to write letters. It's a lost art.
    This month I am going to be more prepared and organized! That's my number one goal.
    Happy August.

  2. Great goals! This month I will dedicate more time to my blog and try to increase my following. Find a blogging and writing mentor. I also want to work on my writing daily and being published on Huffington Post. Thanks for sharing...