Thursday, July 23, 2015

Review: JCat Liptitude Lip Stain

They say a woman's best feature is her smile. Yet it's one part of our face we tend to neglect the most! I myself have been guilty on a regular bases of spending a good amount of time perfecting my foundation, eye, and checks yet walking out the door with nothing more than chap stick on my lips. If I do manage to put color on them you can absolutely forget about any sort of reapplying. When it comes to lip products I am absolutely a one hit wonder. 

So in my June Ipsy bag I received the JCat Beauty Liptitude Hydrating Lip Stain. I was so impressed by it that when Ispy emailed me a special offer on four more colors I had to get them!

That's how they get ya isn't it!

As to be expected from my beloved Ipsy the shipping was quick. My set included four  0.42 oz lip stains. This is by far the best lip stain in terms of hydration and pigmentation! The formula reminds me a lot of the NYX lip butters but with way better staying power. As far as the pigmentation goes, there is no comparison it is, vibrant and true to the color when applied.

The formula remind me more of a liquid lipstick rather than a true lip stain. As liquid lip stains are all the talk of the town right now, this is a affordable option that is very pigmented, and applies smoothly with its doe foot applicator which is a huge plus as it is so much less messy. After application it did have a little more pigment than I would have liked but I simply blotted with a tissue after application and it was perfect! Even after drying it still felt soft and hydrating. For people who hate drying liquid lipsticks here is a good alternative.

The best part is the color stays all day! 

I did however find that I need to exfoliate my lips before applying in order to keep the color from adhering to dry patches on my lips.

What are your thoughts on Liptitude? Any other liquid lipsticks that you suggest me to try?


  1. They all look really bright! They look like the HD colors that are trendy now. I guess it depends on what you are wearing. I like the 103 against your skin tone. That might be the only color I could wear too! Thanks for sharing that it doesn't dry out your lips. I never use long stay lipstick because my lips get too chapped.

  2. Wow! Those colors are gorgeous. I love bright lip colors. I think the red/orange on the far right is my favorite. My favorite bright lipsticks are from Milani. They're highly pigmented without being too chalky or sticky. My favorite one is called Rose Hip.