Tuesday, July 21, 2015

10 Things That Will Get You Unfollowed

Instagram is currently the fastest growing social media platform. What began as a small site for sharing photos among friends has quickly grown to a community of over 300 million users. I read some where that the average person spends thirty minutes a day scrolling an Instagram time feed. For businesses and bloggers, it simply doesn't make sense for you to not be using it.

Hands down Instagram is without a doubt my favorite platform, and drives the most traffic to my blog.  I spend a good amount of my time everyday scrolling, liking, commenting, following and unfollowing Instagram accounts. Something about who I am loves to see what people are doing in their everyday lives, as a result I follow lots of people. I pretty much will follow back almost everyone who follows me. With that being said I am just as quick to unfollow an account!

Here's the top ten things you can do that will pretty much guarantee you'll get unfollowed...or in other words, ten things you should not be doing on Instagram!

1. Excessive selfies
One selfie, okay your cute, but after two, three and four it just becomes plan obnoxious! Please limit your selfie posting!

2. Poor quality photos
Please for the love of goodness exercise some restraint. If its grainy, out of focus or too dark don't post it! This is especially true if your a blogger or a business. Your Instagram feed is apart of your band, ask your self what is this poor quality photos saying about your brand?

3. No variety
I notice this especially with hairdressers and makeup artist, you post 9,900 photos of hairstyles or close ups of make-up looks. It's great to show your work, but add some variety to the mix, other wise it comes across as just spammy (is that a word)...Which brings me to the next no, no.

4.  Spamming my timeline
So you entered a contest that gives you an extra entry for every time you re-post this picture, so you repost it 7,000 times in an hour... good for you....unfollow

6. Leaving generic comments in order to draw attention to your account
We've all seen it, you post a picture and some random guy comments with some generic comment like "nice" and you click on their account and of course they are selling something...unfollow and block

Leaving comments is a great way to build relationships and followers but only comment with genuine comments.

7.Back to Back posting
I never really understand why people do this but your posting ten selfies with slightly different facial expressions (which really goes back to #1). I completely understand that you liked them all and couldn't decide which one to post, we all share that struggle sometimes.  But make a decision and delete the rest, make 'em your screen saver, send them to your ex, I don't know, but whatever you do don't share them with all with the Instagram world. Ten photos of your dog in various compromising positions isn't okay either. Its the same principal, one is okay nine is obnoxious. 

8. Posting 4,000 consecutive photos of your baby
Please see number seven and replace "selfie" with  little Johnny, it's the same principal.

9. Profanity 
This is especially true if this is your business or blog Instagram account!

10. Inappropriate/gross picture
Instagram doesn't currently have the level of censorship as other social platforms such as Facebook and Twitter. Which is what makes it so awesome. As a blogger I am able to reach a whole audience that due to Facebook's algorithm I could never reach. The downside is people can post almost whatever they want and it just might find its way onto your timeline...yuck! 

By putting a little extra effort and thought into your Instagram account, you have the potential to reach a greater audience, foster engagement, and create a loyal following. 
Are you active on Instagram? How have you created a more professional, cohesive Instagram feed for your blog or business?


  1. I am very active on Instagram. I find that variety is the key! Over-saturation of selfies, food, and children will get you unfollowed. You REALLY have to think outside the box to maintain and grow a following!

    1. I agree, I love Instagram, a good Instagram feed should look like a magazine with variety!

  2. Ugh - I agree with all of these - for Facebook too...I admit I am not on the instagram train yet. I think you may have convinced me though!

    1. You need to jump on the Instagram train, once you do you will love it!

  3. There is both good and bad sides to social media. I definitely agree with your points, some people will really share anything!

  4. You pretty much hit the nail right on the head. The whole, pointless comments thing is really annoying on all social media sites. Grr.

  5. Great post! I like your point about keeping your IG content diverse. I will keep that in mind for my own account. I have a lifestyle site, so I try to vary my content with fashion selfies, food photog, and covers of my own posts from various categories.

  6. Love this! Especially #4! I don't always post brand pictures because I want my readers to know I am a real person sometimes. So occasionally I post pictures of my family or me and my daughter doing somethings silly.

  7. I post selfies but not as many. I just do it to showcase makeup but I definitely have a variety of pictures. I can't stand spamming. I really want to unfollow people that are always posting IG Loop Giveaways.

    1. Jasmine I follow you and I think you have a great Instagram!

  8. Great list here! I agree with every single one. Unfortunately, one of my biggest pet peeves are popups. I hate going to a blog or website and immediately being bombarded with a popup, asking me to subscribe. I keep a subscription link in my sidebar which can be found super easily if someone wanted to subscribe to my site. I, personally never subscribe to blogs via email (I follow them via social media instead) and if I get a popup, I typically click off the site.

  9. Totally agree!! I hate the spamming and the 10000 pictures in a row! If I feel like I am getting annoyed I will unfollow :)

  10. Totally agree!! Especially about the selfies and bad quality photos!

  11. I probably post too many of my kids...But I've definitely unfollowed people for all of those reasons you listed!

  12. Omg yes to all of this!!!! I hate it when girls post 25389 of the same selfie! Or when moms post 53729 pics of there kids all in a row! And I'm a mom lol...