Thursday, July 16, 2015

If You Give A Girl Bling: 90 Day Rocks Box Review

Okay, so I have been a RocksBox subscriber or “shine insider” as they call it for three months now (One month I received free and two I paid for). Over the last three months I have received a total of six sets. I decided it was time to do a full review.  

You can check out my first impressions review here.

Now if you're not familiar with Rocks Box, it’s a monthly subscription service for jewelry. You start by adding jewelry pieces that you love to your wish list. The stylist then  will chooses three pieces for you.  Once you receive your set you can wear them for as long as you like, and  when you're done send them  back.  The stylist will then send you a new set. If you fall in love with a piece you can choose to purchase it at a discounted rate. 

Now let me me start by saying this is not the inexpensive jewelry I usually pick up at Forever21 and Charming Charlies,  this is designer jewelry. 

Now for the things I love about RocksBox....

Great customer service and fast shipping is always a plus! But the biggest selling point for me with Rocksbox is the fact that i can try before I buy.

I tend to suffer from buyer's remorse more often than I’d like to admit. I fall in love with something in the store, and on the display, get it home, wear it a time or two and decided that I don't really love it as much as I thought I did...RocksBox eliminates that. I can not count how many times my rocksBox arrives, I open it, fall in love with a piece and decided that this piece I am definitely keeping, wear it two times and fall out of love. With Rocksboxs I no buyers remorse I simply put it back in the prepaid envelope and exchange it for a new piece!

Which brings me to the packaging, it's not that important I know but so much care is put into packaging each box it feels like a present every time I open one! 

Now what I don’t love about RocksBox….

I don’t always get pieces from my wish list. Every box I have received has been a “jewelry set” a necklace, bracelet and earrings. What I have experienced is the stylist chooses one item off my wishlist and then attempts to create a set of other two pieces whether they are on my wishlist or not, which I don’t mine except  the result has been sets that include pieces that have rarely been able to wear together or I have received at least once piece I don’t like. For example my first box came with two necklaces that I loved and earrings I hated! 

With that being said, Rocksbox arrives as a set it must be returned the same way. Unlike other fashion rental subscription boxes I have I can send back pieces I don’t love immediately. With Rocksbox however, if my box arrives and I love the earrings but hate the necklace I can not send back one piece and keep. I am required to keep all three pieces until i am ready to return the entire set. I wish I could exchange pieces I don’t like sooner rather than holding on to things I will never wear. 

Speaking of things I will never wear, I don’t feel like much thought goes into choosing my sets. I realize everyone has different taste but some sets I received just didn’t seem well thought out. The pieces just didn’t seem to go together well at all.

Overall my 90 day RocksBox experience has been a positive one. I love being able to experiment with jewelry without the commitment of purchasing for just $19 a month!  Not to mention I am just a sucker for a subscription box!

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  1. This is RIGHT up my sister's alley! I will have to email this to her.

  2. Great post! I currently have Rocksbox and like it for the most part, but agree with you on some of the choices. Have a great weekend!


    1. The idea really is genius! Despite my gripes it really is one of my fav subscription boxes.

  3. These are some super cute pieces... I don't have Rocksbox... but I like it..

  4. This looks pretty cool .I don't wear enough jewelry right now because of the kids, but maybe when they are older.

  5. I've never heard of this! I love that you can keep the items for as long as you want and then return! But that is a big drawback about having to either keep or send back everything.

  6. I really need to subscribe to one of these boxes! They always look like so much fun.

    1. They really are! Thanks Trisha for stopping by.

  7. Great review! They are all nice! Just got my first box this month and loving it! Great post 😍