Saturday, April 11, 2015

Rocks Box Review- If you Give a Girl Bling

I admit I have a bit of a thing for subscription boxes. I love the anticipation of getting that little box of goodies in the mail every month. I first saw Rocksbox in my Instagram feed, I did a little digging and the online reviews were pretty good. Plus, I was able to get my first month free, and you can too by using the code "Saprinabff"

Rocks Box is a little different than your standard subscription box in that the items are on loan, its like Nexflix for jewelry. When you first sign up you are asked to complete a short a style profile. You tell them what you like, you can choose gold, silver or a mix of both. You also will build a wishlist of pieces you love and would like to receive.

The monthly fee is $19 and you receive three items at a time. You can keep and wear them as long as you want or return them in the pre-paid envelope anytime to receive three new pieces.  Fall in love with a piece and want to keep it? No problem you can buy it for the “member only” price.

I do have to mention that this is not the Charming Charlies or Forever 21 jewelry that I usually buy – it’s designer, higher quality jewelry. With the higher prices to match. But I love that I can test the pieces out to decide if I really want to make that investment. Or I can wear designer jewelry for a low monthly price and then just send it back for more!!

And now-Here’s what I got

Perry Street Layla Necklace-$44
I made a note to my stylish that I really love to wear statement necklaces. Even though this is on the small size, I would put it in that necklace category. I personally did not like this necklace simply because I prefer to wear big, bold necklaces with lots of color.

Perry Street Aria Earrings- $30

I love the earrings if I was going to a formal event, but for church or the office they are a little overkill! I probably won’t be wearing these before they go back.

Lotus Jewelry Studio Petal Necklace in Sterling Silver-$44

This is a pretty dainty piece that I will probably wear in a layered look. Of all the three this is the piece I probably will get the most wear out of.

I do want to mention that processing was slow, it took almost ten days from the time I signed up until the time my first box shipped. However once it shipped I received it the next day which was a pleasant surprise.
What do you think? Would you keep any of the pieces??

**I was not paid for this review, but I did receive a free trial. If you sign up using my referral link, I do get a credit towards future boxes. All opinions are my own!**

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