Saturday, April 18, 2015

TGI Casual Friday

|Jeans-Sears | T Shirt H&M | Sandals -Target (Similar) | Sweater- Forever 21| 

Great jeans are so very hard for me to find. My favorite all time jeans was a pair of curvy fit straight leg jeans I purchased a million years ago from Old Navy. I loved the fit of those jeans and they were super soft and comfortable. To my dismay Old Navy discontinued the fit. I wore that pair of jeans until they practically fell apart. And I have been on the hunt for the perfect pair since then.

I found these jeans at Sears of all places. I have never been one to shop at Sears. It conjures up images of little old ladies buying little old lady stuff (whatever that is). I just never imagined it as a place where I could find cute trendy stuff, but I have been sleeping on Sears big time. I found some really great stuff and they were having a good sale! They will defiantly be going on my list of "Go to Stores".

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